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The article covers the main theoretical and practical issues of the sources of law system and assesses the expediency of recognizing the original nature of judicial precedent in the legal system of Ukraine. It is demonstrated that for Ukrainian legal system of law should be considered legal precedent from the standpoint of the role of courts in shaping the law and its underlying problems. The existing doctrinal positions regarding the construction of the system of sources of law and the correlation of its subsystems were analyzed.

According to the results of the research the author has developed certain theoretical and practical recommendations.

It is shown that there is currently a need for judicial precedents to supplement existing laws in Ukraine. As normative legal precedents could be recognized decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court, and the interpretative or enforceable precedents in the part containing the specifying or supplementary norm. It is emphasized that the current legislation of Ukraine should clearly define the range of entities that are empowered to create legal precedents, the areas and boundaries in which they will be formed, the legal force of such acts, the optional by-law character and place in the system of sources of law of Ukraine

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