Ганна Петренко, Даніїл Петренко


Article is dedicated to research of limits of party autonomy in arbitration proceedings. Authors focuses their attention on impossibility of existence of absolute party autonomy , due to the fact,  that by delegating dispute resolution to arbitral institution or to ad hoc tribunal parties are agreed to “play by the rules” established by respective arbitration rules or ad hoc rules. 

Attention was paid focused on the fact, that parties to the arbitration proceedings are free in contractual relations, while arbitration tribunal is not in contractual with any of the party, since such tribunal undertakes a quasijudicial function and is independent to all intents and purposes. 

Article analyzes broad variety of arbitration rules of the most influential arbitral institutions for relieving of background of worldwide resolution of the problem of absolute party autonomy and during research, it was made clear, that worldwide approach supports concept of non-absolute party autonomy. 

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